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The Mother of All Complaints!

The Mother of All Complaints! (Or… every complaint I ever read on Facebook and what the restaurant can do about it) There are very few customers that can see the kind of things I see when I walk into a restaurant. Knowing when to speak up, how […]

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Who Is Killing The Restaurant Industry – Part 8 (The Owner)

In 1999 an inspector from the department of labour arrived at my restaurant “Reel ‘n Rustic” in George. Having been forced to make the arduous journey from all the way across the park, he was already aggravated and aggressive. “I am here to investigate reports of gross […]

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Who Is Killing The Restaurant Industry – Part 4 (The Suppliers)

In order to establish a clear motive and opportunity for our next suspect, the supplier, it is important that we understand the circumstances in which the victim and the suspect both operate. As previously mentioned it was only a few short years ago that the restaurant industry […]

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Who Is Killing The Restaurant Industry – Part 3 (The Landlord)

Our poor unsuspecting victim moved quietly about his business, opening the doors, mopping the floors, working IN his business instead of ON his business, completely oblivious of the danger that was lurking inside his filing cabinet. For there, in a dusty folder alongside the liquor license application […]

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How To Write A Basic Marketing Plan

Developing a marketing plan for the first time can be daunting but by following this basic structure you will at least know that there are no gaping holes. Question 1 – What do you want to achieve? This question is crucial to start.  Don’t move on until […]

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I Am The Customer – lessons for all businesses

You often accuse me of carrying a chip on my shoulder – but I suspect that this is because you do not entirely understand me – is it not normal to expect satisfaction for ones’ money spent? Ignore my wants and I will simply cease to exist.  […]

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