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A Tribute To Ben Filmalter (Founder Mugg & Bean and so many others)

My speech at the Memorial Service of Ben Filmalter As I look around the room, I know exactly what Ben would say if he was here… “Who the hell is watching the stores?” There are some that say “you can judge a man by the company he […]

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Will South African’s Pay Big Bucks for Starbucks?

Will South African’s Pay Big Bucks for Starbucks? Perhaps that is not the real question; perhaps the real question is “Will South African’s Pay Big Bucks for Starbucks TWICE?” No one is under any illusion that South Africans will be hurrying along to try out the new […]

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Who Is Killing The Restaurant Industry – Part 6 (The Franchisor)

“Franchising in NOT a democracy” boomed the deep voice across the room. “This is my brand and I will protect it at all costs!” The statement above could conceivably have been heard at any one of hundreds of franchise meetings held each year around the country. Only […]

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