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When To Complain About A Restaurant On Social Media

So I see a lot of bitching and moaning about restaurants on Facebook and other social media channels, some probably justified, some just drivel. How do you know when to complain and when not to? Here is a simple guide…

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Groupon Responds

Following closely on my two previous blog postings, I had a request to meet with the CEO of Groupon and allow them the opportunity to put forward their case. In the interest of fairness, here is a the complete, unedited response that was received from them… Groupon […]

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Groupon – A customer (victim) speaks out

I have received numerous responses by comment, email and call on my previous blog posting BUT this one struck me the most. Here it is, a real life South African restaurant experience… Take note! With thanks to GeeKaySA who posted it… I believe Mike mostly writes about […]

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Deal Or No Deal? What they don’t tell you about Groupon type deals

This has been an exciting year and it has been quite a while since I put fingers to keys (used to say pen to paper in the old days) and I think I may have been waiting for something to stir my passion besides the terrible state […]

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