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“Excuse me waiter, there’s a foreigner in my soup!”

“Excuse me waiter, there’s a foreigner in my soup!” So the blame shifts from the marauding masses to the foreign shop owners with a desire to succeed to the waiters who want jobs to the business owners who create opportunities to European colonisers to the imperialistic powers […]

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Who Is Killing The Restaurant Industry – Part 6 (The Franchisor)

“Franchising in NOT a democracy” boomed the deep voice across the room. “This is my brand and I will protect it at all costs!” The statement above could conceivably have been heard at any one of hundreds of franchise meetings held each year around the country. Only […]

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Groupon Responds

Following closely on my two previous blog postings, I had a request to meet with the CEO of Groupon and allow them the opportunity to put forward their case. In the interest of fairness, here is a the complete, unedited response that was received from them… Groupon […]

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Groupon – A customer (victim) speaks out

I have received numerous responses by comment, email and call on my previous blog posting BUT this one struck me the most. Here it is, a real life South African restaurant experience… Take note! With thanks to GeeKaySA who posted it… I believe Mike mostly writes about […]

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Deal Or No Deal? What they don’t tell you about Groupon type deals

This has been an exciting year and it has been quite a while since I put fingers to keys (used to say pen to paper in the old days) and I think I may have been waiting for something to stir my passion besides the terrible state […]

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